There is Provision in Transition

It is important that we recognize the times and seasons we are in. Right now we are in the season of preparation to the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Passover is a time of preparation. One of the

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The Blessing Withheld is Being Released

There is a flood that has been released. It is a flood of blessing. This is a season in which blessings, inheritances, revenue, promotion, etc. which has been withheld regarding your past and present is being released to bring about

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How to Stand Against the Onslaught

I have received call after call and message after message from friends in the onslaught. They have been hit with financial challenges, relationship challenges, health challenges, most which don’t make sense, because with everything within them they are doing everything

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Your Investments or Harvest Haven’t Delayed…They Multiplied!

  As I was praying this morning, it was for those who have experienced lack–especially extreme lack. Many have walked through a season of either just enough or not really enough. It has been a desert of dryness, even though

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Two Kinds of Blessing: Those Bestowed and Those We Must Take Hold

This is a season of blessing. It is all around us and almost tangible. It is available to all who will walk in it. But some may miss it if we don’t realize that there are different kinds of blessings.

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The Fires of Riots will Turn to Fires of Revival

(This is a word I received in November—but which is just as relevant today. I have updated it only to reflect that Trump is now our president.) I had a dream in which I was outside of a home where

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Blessing or Breakthrough? It’s Time to Dig for Treasure in the Ruins

  This is a season of blessing and breakthrough. There are surface blessings easily available, but there is also in-depth breakthrough for those who will mine it out of the ruins and hidden places.   Why do excavators go to

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Deliverance! That is the word that He spoke to me late last night that many of you needed to hear today. HE IS YOUR DELIVERER!   Some things have happened even into the first few days in this new year

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2017: His Present to You- Restoration to Freedom and Joy

2016 is gone. Whether the year was good to you or incredibly unkind, it is gone and the new has come. It’s time to move ahead into a fresh year with a fresh anointing. “Do not remember the former things,

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When Christmas is Complicated

Is Christmas a time of celebration for you or a time of dread as you consider the past? If the latter, change is in the air.

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