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When God Does His Big Thing in a Small Thing

I was driving home a few months ago and talking to God as I drove. Although I had some pretty huge issues before me that needed answers, I wasn’t talking to Him about them. I was simply thanking Him for

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Your Investments or Harvest Haven’t Delayed…They Multiplied!

  As I was praying this morning, it was for those who have experienced lack–especially extreme lack. Many have walked through a season of either just enough or not really enough. It has been a desert of dryness, even though

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Two Kinds of Blessing: Those Bestowed and Those We Must Take Hold

This is a season of blessing. It is all around us and almost tangible. It is available to all who will walk in it. But some may miss it if we don’t realize that there are different kinds of blessings.

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2017: His Present to You- Restoration to Freedom and Joy

2016 is gone. Whether the year was good to you or incredibly unkind, it is gone and the new has come. It’s time to move ahead into a fresh year with a fresh anointing. “Do not remember the former things,

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Ziklag Moments

Have you experienced a “Ziklag” moment? A time when you felt you not only lost everything, but even your family and friends seemed absent in your struggle? When everything you held dear was now gone and everywhere you turned your

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Are You Waiting For Your Harvest?

Have you ever labored in an area where you have diligently planted, watered and fertilized your seed and yet the fruit or harvest hasn’t matched the labor? While those can be frustrating times, they are inevitable in some course of

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