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Blessing or Breakthrough? It’s Time to Dig for Treasure in the Ruins

  This is a season of blessing and breakthrough. There are surface blessings easily available, but there is also in-depth breakthrough for those who will mine it out of the ruins and hidden places.   Why do excavators go to

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Deliverance! That is the word that He spoke to me late last night that many of you needed to hear today. HE IS YOUR DELIVERER!   Some things have happened even into the first few days in this new year

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Pray for the Borders of Your Home

As I was praying I saw a quaint home surrounded and protected by a fence. In my spirit I heard the Lord say, “pray for the borders of your home.” Not long ago I had a dream of a young

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Identity Theft: How To Get Back Your Inheritance

God Hears Your Cries There are many who are growing weary in this season. Depression and confusion have tried to enter and cause you to give up. Your eyes have looked at the swirling storm. As you have diverted your

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A Prophetic Word to the Church: An Empire Cannot be Toppled from Without…only from within

It’s interesting to watch as events unfold around us. There has been an acceleration toward confrontation. Events are unfolding at break neck speed. It’s almost impossible to keep up as the world and rules change almost daily. As we have

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Have You Been Abandoned, Betrayed or Rejected? You’re Not Alone.

What must it have been like to have known Jesus before He was known? You have to wonder what it would have been like to be one of His siblings–growing up with an older brother that was well…perfect. How wonderful.

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