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It’s Often Clearest After the Storm

“He makes the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.” Ps. 65:8 A storm rolled through our city yesterday morning. The wind picked up swiftly in speeds upwards of seventy mph bending trees and blowing debris. Rain pounded against our

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In this Case, You Want to be a Prisoner

Have you given up hope? I sense there are many who have or who are right on the verge. Many who are ready to throw in the towel and give up all hope of restoration of what has been stolen.

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Deliverance! That is the word that He spoke to me late last night that many of you needed to hear today. HE IS YOUR DELIVERER!   Some things have happened even into the first few days in this new year

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When Christmas is Complicated

Is Christmas a time of celebration for you or a time of dread as you consider the past? If the latter, change is in the air.

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A Word to the Weary…

This is a call to the remnant who have been willing to stand in the gap. Who have made up the breach in the wall and who continue to stand to make up the hedge. “You are weary. You are

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Ziklag Moments

Have you experienced a “Ziklag” moment? A time when you felt you not only lost everything, but even your family and friends seemed absent in your struggle? When everything you held dear was now gone and everywhere you turned your

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Are You Waiting For Your Harvest?

Have you ever labored in an area where you have diligently planted, watered and fertilized your seed and yet the fruit or harvest hasn’t matched the labor? While those can be frustrating times, they are inevitable in some course of

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