It’s Time to Wave the Palm Branches

It's Time to Wave the Palm Branches(This is a word I wrote January 8, 2017. It is just as relevant now as it was then. It has been updated to reflect the time which has passed.)

When Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey, it symbolized His coming reign. John 12:12-14 says,

“The next day the great crowd that had come for the festival heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, Hosanna!’ ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’’Blessed is the king of Israel!’

It was a prophetic act then and it is so for today. Not all welcomed Jesus as He came into the city. They ignored His leadership, authority and anointing. But those who recognized Him celebrated by waving palm branches. Palm branches represent victory, flourishing and uprightness. The people ushered in by that act, what was to come because they recognized and honored Jesus and who He was.

It is now that time in America. We are to wave the palm branches to usher in the season of victory, flourishing and uprightness.

As I was praying for the upcoming Inauguration (this was originally written January 8) for protection and a peaceful transition of power, the Lord spoke to my heart, “There will not be a peaceful transition of power for this is an inauguration that is a representation of what is coming in the spirit—My inauguration. This inauguration is a type and shadow for what is taking place in the spirit, the battle raging that refuses to give up power and return the world to My authority. Look closely at what you are seeing.” What we see with this inauguration is a representation of what is happening in the spirit.

There are those who are waiting with joyful anticipation ready to celebrate Donald Trump’s installation as president, just as there are those who wait in joyful anticipation of Christ’s return. I saw in the spirit, as in days of old, people who stood along the road waving “palm branches” welcoming Trump’s entrance. They were celebrating a triumphant entry or a victorious return for America. This is a victorious return for America to a return to her call as a protector of Israel, a provider and a nation that honors Him. Looking past the natural into the spirit, it is a welcome of what is to come with His return.

“Just as there are those who rejoice at Donald Trump’s entrance into this presidency, there are those who joyfully anticipate My soon coming reign. But there are also those who have taken hold to refuse and prevent the transition of power in America. They refuse to acknowledge and deny honor to Donald Trump. This is a type and shadow of My return. They refuse to acknowledge My rightful place and refuse to honor Me. There will be those waiting for me with palm branches to usher Me in and those who because of deception cannot see Who I am (just as many cannot see who Donald Trump is and how God is using him) because they have been blinded and believe they are taking a stand for justice. They do not recognize My coming. But no matter what they do to prevent My return or the transition of power, it will not succeed. So no matter what the world does to prevent Donald Trump’s presidency and his place as president they will not succeed. Yet even as he takes his place as president, many will continue to refuse to give him honor, just as they have refused to give Me honor because they cannot see and are blinded from the truth.”

“The attack against Donald Trump is the same spirit that has been against Israel and ultimately against Me. It is not a spirit that desires peace, but chaos. It doesn’t seek to unify, but to destroy. That is why there is more racial division and gender division than ever before. It seeks to divide and destroy. It is not content with reducing or minimizing, but will settle for nothing less than complete annihilation of anything that stands in opposition.”

When John Kerry and 70+ diplomats converged in Paris under the guise of “peace” to stand against Israel, they demanded Israel give up their land—their rightful inheritance for the creation of a Palestinian state. Make no mistake, this coalition did not seek peace for a two-state resolution. No matter what Israel gives up in an effort to make peace, it will never be enough, because the world does not seek peace. They do not truly seek a “two-state” resolution. They seek destruction of Israel—and prophetically this is a representation of Christ and Christians—whose destruction they also seek.

How This Applies to the Church

Subsequently, whatever the Church has given up “to create peace” with the culture of the day, it will never be enough because the anti-Christ spirit does not seek peace, it seeks destruction. What we give up, we lose. Over the last several years in order to be “relevant” the Church has compromised their beliefs, but instead of being relevant, they have become watered down. We have given away our inheritance even as some has been stolen, when we seek “peace” and an acceptance of cultural standards. True “tolerance” is loving people and accepting people, even while we remain true to ourselves. We love people, which can be done without embracing the sin.

We are entering a season when I heard Him say, “Your inheritance will no longer be stolen or denied. The fig tree will once again blossom. Your place of honor is being restored. I am returning America to her place and position as My people will call out to Me and make room for Me.”

 It is when humility returns and we honor Him, so He will honor us. It is a blessing of contingence.

Do not be fearful of the clash and chaos they lies ahead to try to dismantle this presidency. Instead let it be our call to prayer. Just as they cannot prevent His return, so they will not be able to prevent Donald Trump’s installation as president or the changes that will take place. They will protest, they will deny his authority, they will try to bring dishonor, they will try to create chaos, but it will not change who he is and what he has been called to do.

And so in the bigger realm so it is with His upcoming return. There are many, operating under the spirit of deception and anti-Christ who will try to fight, protest and deny His reign, but they will not succeed, for He will return and it will be with a triumphant entry for those ready, waiting and who seek Him.

Pray for those who have been blinded and now live in fear of what they believe will happen. It is because a spirit of deception has blinded them to truth. It feeds on fear which drives them to frenzy.

It is a time to wave the palm branches for the victory reign is about to begin and a time of restoration and blessing….do not confuse what is about to take place simply because you do not see a peaceful transition. The kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12).

It is time to wave the palm branches.



Karen Hardin is an author, minister and literary agent.  She is called to exhort, encourage and help raise up the remnant. She desires to empower those who have grown weary so they can reposition to walk in identity and destiny. Her work has appeared in “USA Today,”  “World Net Daily,” “,” “Charisma,” “,” “The Elijah List,” etc.

To read more  from her blog, “The Light and the Remnant: Prophetic Insights for the Days Ahead” go to or email her at:

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